A Mobile Website Was An Option - Now It's Essential

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In a bygone era businesses relied on word of mouth publicity. You served a customer well and then pin your hopes on his or her feedback, hoping to get more business from them or from their friends and family. Since the customer had fewer opportunities to share their opinion, expecting quick results in the form of more business was unrealistic.

Be In Front Of Your Customers On All Their Internet Devices

But now the situation has changed. Today a company’s physical presence is important but perhaps more so is their presence in the virtual world. Yes, today’s customer does not wait for the face to face product promotion to happen. Instead, they are very comfortable going to a few websites and deciding there what product or service they should buy. Every company needs to also make sure they are right in front of their customers no matter what type of internet device they are using.

Customers Use Whatever Internet Device They're Nearest To

The internet has completely evolved from being a luxury item to being a necessity. If you weren't aware of this fact, you need to sit up and smell the coffee. This is true and it will never change. Thanks to the increased use of mobile phones (smart phones to be more accurate) people have access to internet wherever and whenever. With internet being available on smart phones, people don’t have to wait to switch on their PC or laptop in order to go to a website.

This Why You Need To Move To A Mobile-Friendly Website Now:

1 - The rapidly increasing number of smart phone users
2 - The rapidly increasing number of smart phone users who have plenty of 'data' from their mobile phone company to surf the internet all month long.
3 - The growing inclination of smart phone users to search for a product or service the minute they realise that they need or want it.
4 - The requirement for any business to be there for your customer with an attractive, easy to use, mobile, tablet PC or desktop PC website as required by your customer.
5 - The growing amount of time that smart phone users are spending on their phone per day. It is there mobile 'portal' where all communications can be received and processed and all new product and service searches can be initiated.

All this makes it essential for the you to have a good mobile website today. Most of your competitors have one already.


Desktop And Mobile Websites Are Not The Same

We often come across business owners who say that having a web presence is essential to your business – but they don't differentiate between the mobile and desktop websites. For some companies the content can be quite similar but for others the content needs to be planned differently.

The smart phone user is different to the PC user and this has to do with the device they're on, their location and the time they have to perform a task.

The common argument is that if you have a website the job is done.- and why bother investing in an exclusive mobile website? This is where a lot of business owners make a mistake. The gist of it all is that what looks good and is easy to use on a desktop may not look as good and be as easy to use on a mobile screen.

Think about the pages, content and layout of your PC website and plan your mobile website from there. What would be the best layout of that content for a smart phone? Does all of that content need to be there on the smart phone or just a selection of it?

Opting For Responsive Website Design

The key to designing a good multi-device web presence is to create a responsive website design. By responsiveness we mean the ability of the website pages to adapt to the screen size of the device on which it is being displayed - and for the content to be appropriate for the device too.

For example, a responsive web design will make it possible for you to view all the options of a website page when you log in through your mobile, similar to what you see when you log in through the desktop – but the mobile layout may be different so as to make it easier for those on a smaller smart phone screen.

For businesses that are keen to benefit from a direct marketing channel the mobile website is an essential and effective option. So, if your brand is struggling to break the current sales ceiling, investing in a responsive web design and reaching out to the mobile phone consumers will provide that much needed boost to your business. Make sure too that you have Google Analytics installed so you can see what percentage of your website visitors are using the various smart phone devices versus desktop PCs.