Mobile Web Design

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Mobile website design is now the default and has been for a while. To talk directly to your mobile customers you need a mobile website design which is easily accessed by any smart phone. More than just a mobile website you need a 'responsive' website which is one which will adapt to the screen size of whatever device your site is being viewed on.


  • 93% of Irish consumers own or have access to a smart phone -
  • Fivefold increase in online shopping in 2018 from 2007 -
  • Average Irish smart phone user picks up 55 times a day -


Customers Want Easy To Use Mobile Websites

Some phones cannot display a full website properly and now customers are not content to zoom in and out with their fingers on a full sized website on their smart phone; they want a mobile/responsive website. The mobile web is fast becoming the next web platform and we can provide you with a complete mobile website solution including all the advice that you'll need.

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Your Mobile Website Needs The Following:

  • Simple navigation and general ease of use
  • A clear focus on the main business messages, products and services
  • Keep your brand/logo visible and match the mobile theme with that of your 'PC' site
  • Think about "mobile content" so that the mobile visitor can get a good "mobile overview" of what they need. They are on a smart phone and they are not on a PC so consider what they need right now.
  • The mobile website needs to keep the mobile users attention as they're more likely to leave a web page or website after a short visit than a PC website visitor.
  • Be conscious of the website visitor's reduced download speed and thus slower web page load times
  • Be conscious of the website visitor's smaller screen.
  • Test all web pages rigorously and continuously, as you add new content, on a range of smart phone and PC browsers


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Mobile Phone Search Is THE Growth Area 

If your website is not 100% compatible with smart phones then you are missing out on new sales from new website visitors and existing customers. Mobile phone web searches are the largest growth area on the internet and we will make sure that your website is compatible with every major device platform and screen size: Google Android, iPhone, iPad, PC and wide screen monitors, and your website will work with new phone screen sizes for years to come.

Call us on 01 6216866 or email and we can discuss your mobile website design requirements in more detail and prepare a tailored plan for you.