Google Adwords

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Google AdWords allows you to connect with new customers at the exact moment that they're searching for your products or services on Google.

They enter various search terms into to find the product or service that they're looking for and your Google adverts appear on the Google search results page in front of them.

For example: Your Adwords advert could be triggered to display at the top of by a shopper searching for a term like "plumber Blackrock" or "solicitor Rathmines". Your advert, when clicked, will then send the website visitor to the relevant product or service page on your website which will further explain your service or product to the website shopper and encourage them to make contact and/or buy from you.


Only Focus On 'Key' Keywords

We can research the keywords that will perform best for your business and create the advertising campaign for you, show you how to use it and run it with you for a few weeks until you're happy to manage it yourself. We can of course continue to manage your Adwords account in the future if you prefer.

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Control Your Own Online Advertising

Adwords is a powerful and very accurate way for you to target your customers. You have huge control over the advertising process - including the following 5 important areas:

  • What Irish county or country your adverts will appear in
  • The total amount that you spend per day advertising with Google
  • What times of the day your adverts will appear at
  • What days of the week your adverts will appear on
  • What pages on your website your Adwords adverts will link to when clicked


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We Can Setup Your Adwords Marketing & Manage It

It is easy for a business to setup Adwords incorrectly and waste their advertising budget. So, getting an expert to prepare your Adwords account will pay for itself hundreds of times over. This is where our experience with Adwords campaign management can help you:

  • Increasing your Adwords performance by better keyword and landing page selection 
  • Increasing your Click Through Rate (CTR) by better advert design/wording
  • Reducing your Cost Per Click (CPC) by matching up your keywords, advert designs and your website landing pages
  • Extensive and ongoing testing and measuring of the Adwords performance



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Google Adwords Changes Are Live Within Minutes

Another powerful feature of Adwords marketing is that you can add a new advert for a new product/service that you're selling, and it will go live in minutes, once signed off by Google. No other large scale advertising medium can update itself at that speed. Equally you can edit your existing Adwords advert text and the updated text will also be live in minutes too.


You Get Live Adwords Account Reporting

Once your Adwords account has been setup by us, we will then closely monitor your advertising campaigns with you, ensuring that it remains optimised for maximum performance. You can log into your Adwords account at any time and see a live report of what's going on. This live report will tell you many important things about the campaign including:

  • How many appearances your different adverts and search terms made
  • How many times your different adverts and keywords were clicked
  • How much those advert clicks cost
  • How much of your daily budget has been used so far that day
  • Which keywords are being searched for and which ones are not
  • You can compare today's performance to any previous day's performance

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Give Us A Call And See What We Can Do For You

Contact us today on 01 6216866 or to find out how easy it would be for you to get a great AdWords campaign running for your business and generate more sales leads every day.