About MyIT Web Design

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MyIT Web Services (MYIT Ltd) is a 100% Irish, Dublin based Web Design, Development, Hosting & Marketing Company, founded by the MD Gerard O'Leary in 2006. We have decades of experience to share with you in Web Design and Development, whether you're building a large custom built website or a smaller starter website.

We are also an experienced Open Source development company, building websites on the standard and dependable 'LAMP' framework - Linux, Apache, PHP & MySQL / MariaDB. Our web experience comes from a host of corporate sources including established UK and Dublin software teams.

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Creative Website Design

The programmers and graphic designers working on all MyIT projects are experienced, talented and exacting in everything they do, and these are the skills that we would bring to your website project.

We're also the right people to talk to if you want a bigger website build, like a custom database driven website or a custom website shop. We can also assist you with that frequently disliked job of preparing your product material for the new website.

Here is our web design portfolio page with some recent client website links. This will give you an idea of what we can do for you, but going through your requirements at a face to face meeting will always be much more informative for you, in terms of seeing what we're like to work with. This will truly show you the type of company we are.

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We Have What Your Website Needs

From that meeting we can then prepare a custom proposal document and quotation for you, which we'll email to you. This document will give you a very clear picture of everything that you need for the new website.

We know how to focus on the details & benefits of your products, your services and your company. And we know how to give your website visitors exactly the information they want from your website.

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We'll Work Harder On Your Website Design

We'll also be great to work with because we'll work harder than any other company at understanding your business needs and your customers' expectations - here are some Testimonials. That means that we'll both be on the same page all the time with respect to what your website needs.

We do this in a number of different ways, for example: examining your product/service information and brochures in more detail, by finding out more about the profile of your customers, by studying your competitors and perhaps looking at some UK competitors to get a wider view of your industry.

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We Prefer A Longterm Website Relationship

We'll also do a lot of listening to you to ensure that we gather all of your requirements, and make sure that you only have to tell us once what you actually want. We know the questions to ask you and that will save you time and money.

We're genuinely better than our competitors because we really are more interested in a long term business relationship with you, so we work hard to establish and maintain that relationship. We'll find out early on which website features and requirements are priorities for you and which are not, and we'll focus on your priorities.

Get A Custom Proposal From MyIT For Precisely The Website That You Want

If you have any questions about your current website, a new website, website hosting, adwords advertising or anything to do with the web, then save yourself time and money and call us. We'll talk you through whatever you're planning, and we'll create a targeted, well priced proposal for you for exactly the website that you want.

Call us on 01-6216866 or email info@myit.ie for more information.