Website Analytics - Web Visitor Statistics

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Your business needs Google Analytics, because to grow your business and website you need to be able to see the following website information:

  • Number of website visitors per day/month
  • How many of these are repeat visitors and new visitors
  • Number of times each page was viewed
  • Where the web visitors are coming from - what websites are they coming from 
  • What search terms they used to find you
  • What country and/or Irish county are they located in
  • How long they are staying on your website per visit
  • Did they go to your contact page or the checkout page on your website shop

This information lets you see what your website visitors are doing on your site and it allows you to improve their website experience and generate more sales. Google Analytics works by placing a piece of Javascript code on every page of your site, and this allows the Google Analytics system to track what's happening on every page on your website.


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You Don't Need To Be A Web Expert To Use Google's Website Analytics Tool

Google Analytics is suited to non technical users as well as technical users. It displays clever graphs to show you what's happening on your website and you can get more information on each information section by just selecting whatever title you're interested in. The site itself has the high build quality of any Google product. We can also provide you with an overview on how to use Google Analytics.


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