Website Management & Maintenance

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We Offer A Complete Website Management & Maintenance Service For Businesses Of All Sizes. Does Your Company Need:

  • New website functionality (website features) designed, built, tested and installed. We can also prepare and schedule training for you and your staff.
  • New website graphic design work for the whole website or a section of your website.  
  • Website maintenance or software upgrade work performed on the website code - as a once off or at regular intervals.   
  • Website administration tasks e.g. regular website backups, virus scans, website software upgrades, online marketing, website monitoring, website training, email management and secure managed website hosting.

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It can be expensive and time consuming to train new and current staff to professionally carry out and test website updates when they and you have a business to run - so for most companies it is more cost effective to outsource those tasks. Equally, there are a lot of website updates and website redesign work that non technical employees just can't do because computer programming and/or graphic design skills and experience are required.


How Much Work Do You Need Carried Out?

The cost of website updates does naturally depend on how much work you need done and on how your website is setup, what kind of changes are needed and how easy it will be for us to get access to your website code to make those changes. We can complete a considerable amount of work in a few hours once we have easy access to your website code, so minor website updates should not take long to complete.

In a lot of cases we'll take a copy of your website and do the website updates on our web development servers so that we can show you the changes and then put the updated website code live once you have signed off on the work.

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If you have ongoing work that needs to be carried out we can also provide you with a customised website management & maintenance contract and we would naturally need to gather some details from you to quote you accurately for that piece of work - so call us on (01) 6216866 for more details.

Your Website Content Needs To Be Managed And Maintained

All websites should keep their content up to date as well as keep their website looking fresh and inviting. Customers can detect in minutes if your content is out of date and then you've lost their interest ... they don't want to waste their time reading old website information.

Equally, your website as a whole should be up to date with company, product and industry announcements, product user manuals or downloadable forms - anything that makes your customer's visit to your website better, easier and more informative. Make it easy for them to choose you to do business with.

With web site management there are also web hosting (web server) issues that need to be managed, and there are server security concerns which will be outside of the capabilities of most of your staff. These jobs are just as important for a website as your website content updates so.

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Website Management And Maintenance Tasks Can Be Time Consuming

Our website developers can be your website developers, looking after anything to do with your website. We would consult with you at all stages so that you remain in full control of the website, but we're doing the work in the background.

This work can include managing your website content itself, social media accounts, your Adwords marketing account and security updates for the website. We're experts at designing and managing websites and we can look after your website with the same attention to detail that you would employ yourself.

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Experts In Wordpress, Opencart, EVO, MODX, Joomla, Drupal, Magento

Is your website design agency able to look after all of your website repairs and additions? Can they also perform all the Content Management System (CMS) upgrades and security patches that your website needs? If not, then call us and we can help you to have a fully managed and secure website - one that doesn't have a host of error messages on the CMS control panel each time you log in and one that has no website downtime.

The errors from an unmanaged website often appear on the front of the website and that's bad for business and good for hackers as they can find out more about your already vulnerable website code situation. Having an updated CMS is essential for your business security and website security - call us now for a chat to see what precisely we can do for you and how inexpensive it can be.


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Have a read of some client testimonials from customers who have their website managed and give us a call on 01 6216866 or email and we will answer all your questions and prepare a tailored proposal for your business.