Frequently Asked Questions

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How Much Does A Website Cost?

Every web design company will tell you that website prices vary depending on what you want - and that's true, because they do. The price depends on the size of the webiste, what features it contains, the custom functionality that is needed, the kind of custom graphics and branding that are needed and what ongoing website support is needed. Call or email us and we can gather some details from you and that will enable us to prepare a version one proposal and quotation for you for preciaely the website and support you are looking for.


How Long Does A Website Take To Build?

A small starter website, where you have your text and images largely to hand, could be built in a few weeks. A bigger website takes more planning and lots of material has to be gathered and arranged - so website builds will range from weeks to months.


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What Is A Domain Name?

A domain name is another term for your website name e.g. . It is also the stem of your new email accounts e.g. . You can register a domain name yourself if you prefer, or we can do it for you. If you want a .ie website name you will need to have a Business Trading Name or Company Name registered with .


What Are The Other Costs Involved In A Website?

Our Business Starter Website doesn't have 'other' costs as it is a Website Package Service. With non business starter websites, the website needs a number of things during the year: you will need to re-register your website name, you need to have good monitored hosting in place, you need to regularly backup your website files in case they get hacked or corrupted, you need software security upgrades installed into your CMS (Content Management System) and you need a trusted company you can ring when you need work done that isn't covered by a CMS.

We can do all of this for you and we can also provide site management for any small website that you already have if you want that site managed externally.

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What Is Hosting?

Hosting is the term applied to the service of putting your web pages live on the web. Your website needs a lot more than that to be a productive sales tool for your business. You also need a service to: monitor and manage your website, add content through a content management system, backup the website files regularly, perform software/security upgrades on your content management system, run anti-virus scans on your website files, add new email accounts as required etc.


What Is Needed For My New Website?

The most important first step would be to meet with some web design companies and see which one will work best for you. You also need to think of the website after it goes live as you need a website company that will be there for you in 6, 12, 18, 24 months too, to add new content if you're busy, add email accounts for new staff members or help you train up a new staff member on your CMS (Content Management System).

Our next step would be to discuss what you want for the website; who are you targeting? what is your unique offering? where is your target market? what are your sales channels? At this meeting we will look at your website material: product/service list, photos, files, brochures, logo, branding etc. Once that discussion has taken place we can then prepare a plan for you to move from your current position to a live, managed website which is getting new sales leads continually.

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How Much Do Website Updates Cost?

Doing website updates through the CMS (Content Management System) costs nothing if you do them yourself, and our website packages include training on the CMS so you and your staff can learn how to do the updates with ease. If you want us to do the updates for you we can do general web page updates for €80 (ex vat) per hour. Give us a call and we can give you an even more tailored quote once we know what work you're planning to do.


How Can I See The Visitor Numbers For My Website?

The best website analytics system is the Google Analytics system and we can install that into your website so that every web page that is viewed on your website will 'register' on the Google Analytics system and you will be able to see an amazing array of information about your website, for example: how many people were on the website today, last week and last month? Where did these people come from? How long did they stay? What page did they most often leave from? What kind of smart phone, tablets PC, laptop or regular PC did they use?

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What About Email Accounts?

You can continue to use your current email account if you prefer and we could setup a new info@ or sales@ email account to match your website name and have those emails automatically forward to your current email account. Alternatively we can setup a new info@ , sales@ or name@ as an account so you can send and receive emails as the new email address , for example We can also add a contact for to your contact page so website visitors can send you and email or order directly from your website page.


I Want To Redesign My Current Website

If you already have a website and just need a redesign we can do that for you too. For a build like this we'll still meet up and go through your current website with you to see that most or all of the current photos/text will be moving to the new website. The focus then turns to the new design - you may want to retain your current logo and perhaps the main 'company colours'. The designer would then work under that remit, for example: we need a new design, while keeping most of the current content, our logo and some branding elements. Give us a call and we can go through the details with you.


I Want To Make My New Website Smart Phone Accessible

That's no problem, and it actually will be more cost efficient to get your website mobile friendly from the start rather than making an existing website mobile friendly as an after thought. For a project like this we would sit down with you and talk about the overall website and see if you have any preferences for the mobile material and layout. We will then go through some suggestions with you and also suggest that for the 'mobile content' we think of your new website visitor in a non wifi location with perhaps just 3G or less in terms of mobile phone data bandwidth.

The mobile website cannot load slowly for them and you have to think of what material is of actual interest to a smart phone user versus a PC user. In a lot of cases there is overlap between the mobile and PC content but the mobile content will sometimes be shorter and more mobile focused.