An Attractive And Easy To Navigate Website Will Pay For Itself in Weeks

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An attractive and easy to navigate website will pay for itself in weeks! Ever wondered why one website is a roaring success on the web while others are barely able to survive the competition, let alone make any money?

On a virtual platform, first impressions are the last impressions and websites that are able to create a lasting impression in the minds of their visitors will have success. After all, visitors come to a website because of two ‘pull’ factors: Attractive Web Design and Relevant Content.

In other words, an attractive and easy to navigate website not only attracts visitors but also retains the attention of its visitors and prompts them to navigate its pages. On average, a web visitor spends less than a minute on a website in search of relevant information.

Whether they decide to spend more time on that particular website depends entirely on how easily they are able to locate that information and how well they are directed to explore other web content. This will be the difference between a good website design and a poor one.

Most online business owners tend to cram their websites with chunks of unsorted information, lots of graphics, multimedia elements and annoying pop-up banner adverts. These ‘special effects’ do not grab the visitor's attention but merely wastes their time.

Each time a visitor navigates away (irritated) from one website, they go to one of your competitors' sites. Should businesses let potential sales leads head off to their competitor's websites?.

In the competitive web market, what is visible sells. At the same time, the entire game revolves around visitor numbers. More relevant web traffic translates into more leads generated, which automatically mean increased sales. With an attractive and easy to navigate web design, smart businesses can easily turn these sales leads into customers.

Remember, simplicity sells! The faster your visitors can find what they are looking for on your website, the sooner they will return for more. You're the website that didn't waste their time.

Therefore, if you wish to earn money from your website, start with the essential first steps: keep your website design simple and engaging. It will start paying for itself in weeks!

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