Attractive Web Site Design: The Key To Business Success

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When it comes to bricks and mortar marketing, we’ve all seen how “kerb appeal” drives traffic into shops and restaurants. Shoppers see an attractive store, and it draws them in – even if it’s just for a quick look-see. Well, great website design can do just that for your online store front or business!

Signalling Confidence

So what is it about beautifully designed websites that cause online shoppers and browsers to drop by and “check it out”? In one word - Confidence:

  • • A shoddy-looking website sends up red flags to your visitors (“Should I really buy from them?”)
  • • Sites designed by an inexperienced web designer can do more harm than good (“Why isn’t the ‘Help’ button helping me!”, “Why is it hard to use on a smart phone?”)
  • • Page layouts that are overly crowded, have too many options, and aren’t well laid out and planned will confuse and confound users no end (“So where do I go to place an order?”, “What section am I in?”, “Where is that web page I saw 5 minutes ago”)
  • • Sites that have too many features, bells and whistles may look “sexy” (and cost you more!), but most serious online visitors are turned off by too much bling and dazzle.

Just as it does with your family doctor or your banker, it’s often the first impressions that matter most. In the online world your website is the most initial of impressions, about you and your business, which clients and potential customers are presented with. You want them to be welcomed to a website design that inspires and reassures, not one that will have them doubting you already – long before a sale has been made!

Get It Right – The First Time

With the proliferation of DIY web design tools available today – some of them “free” – you may be tempted to jump in and do it yourself too. There’s nothing wrong with that, if you have time on your hands . If you had the knowledge, experience and training of an architect, wouldn’t you like to design and build your own home? Sure - but you really need to get it right! So, do you honestly have the skills to create a superb, professional, expertly planned website which will definitely help your business to grow? Probably not.

Working with a professional and experienced web hosting company, and a website developer that knows what they are doing, is the safest way to make sure you get it right the very first time. And here’s why:

  • • An experienced team will help you create websites that inspire confidence in your company
  • • Seasoned designers know what works and what doesn’t, and they’ll get you up and running with the most attractive of websites in no time
  • • In the fast-paced online business world, you don’t have the luxury of learning from your mistakes. With professionals on your team, you don’t need to learn the hard way

When it comes to making online choices, today’s shoppers and consumers – both retail and commercial – are extremely savvy. But they are also very wary about whom they are dealing with online. A web designer with little or no experience of consumer behaviour is likely to build you a technically beautiful site, yet it may not appeal to your audience because it lacks consumer appeal – it's just not connecting with the audience. And that’s what professionally designed websites command.

It’s Always About Conversion

At the end of the day, online business is all about converting casual web site visitors into paying clients. But it is also about giving your customers a great website experience – one that keeps them coming back for more. The more often they frequent your website, the greater the chances are that you will ultimately convert them into buying from your company.

The phrase “Once bitten, twice shy!”, however, has never been truer than when shopping and browsing online. If you are an online business that wants to appeal to your visitors, then you need to ensure that your website really appeals to them and engages them:

  • • Poorly designed sites will keep potential clients at bay
  • • Overly “fancy” sites might draw in visitors, but you will likely not sell much
  • • Technically faulty sites may even get you one-time clients, but no repeat customers

An attractively designed website, backed by an efficient web hosting company, will not only improve your sales conversion rate, but will also enhance your web traffic visitor numbers. In the eyes of search engines, heavily trafficked sites are considered more credible, which in itself will put you on top of search engine query results.

And that’s the key to online business success! If you'd like to discuss the above points drop us a line at or call us on +353-1-6216866