Do I Need a Business Logo?

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Unfortunately, contrary to the old adage, people do judge the book by the cover. The logo that your company adopts is that “cover”, or a central part of it. Your business logo is one of the first things that potential customers see and first impressions are based upon what they perceive.

Because of these initial perceptions in the minds of new customers you need a logo and one that clearly communicates your business image and what working with your company represents.


What is a Logo?

The logo is a visual identity of your service, product or business. A logo plays various roles in your business including:

  • Providing a visual expression of the company
  • Adds personality to your business
  • A valuable asset uniquely belonging to your business
  • A visual representative of your business which is easily recognised
  • Is capable of aligning your business to a particular target or audience


Why You Need A Logo

  • Business experts urge business owners to brand their businesses and merchandise with logos as well as consistent marketing materials. Below are some of the benefits accrued to having a professionally logo and identity system. 
  • When starting a new business, a logo represents a fresh start with unique products and or services. 
  • Logos are also invaluable identifiers when you are seeking to introduce a new service or product range into the market. 
  • When changing the business name, a new logo assures customers that things within the company have also changed. 
  • When the nature of your current business changes, a logo is used to express such a change in order to avoid sending out mixed signals to your clients that are likely to dampen your sales figures. 
  • Logos make it easier for your current and new clients to identify a product and or business. 
  • Logos help a business look more established and larger than they really are. 
  • When looking for venture capital a business package that includes professional logos and marketing materials will make your business look complete. 
  • Since some clients are attracted by the aesthetic value of a product or business, you increase your chances of making more sales when you have a logo that completes the look and feel of your business and product range. 
  • A brand, business or product logo helps a business to build an image that is greater than the individual sum of it's parts. 
  • Logos and professionally designed materials convey to your clients that you are committed to your business and provision of better quality products and services. 
  • Though you might not have been in business a long time, you have taken the time and resources to invest in relaying a positive business identity. This helps to improve the perception to your clients that you are in business for the long haul.
  • Significant amounts of individuals remember things when they see them rather than when they read or hear about them. Therefore, having a visual representation of your business and keeping the images consistent will make you more memorable in many peoples’ minds. 
  • A logo is also a special means of explaining what your company does especially when the company name contains little known words or acronyms. 
  • In order to make the company name unforgettable, no matter how tricky it is, a compelling and interesting logo will make your clients remember you and call  you. 
  • In order to explain a non-traditional or unconventional business, a logo can be a big help to explain exactly what you do. 
  • In order to tell the story of how you stand out from your competition, a cleverly designed logo can indicate some special service that you offer that makes your business different.
  • In a few industries, it is mandatory that all businesses have a logo. This is especially true for the creative design services industry. 

These benefits will help boost your business confidence as well as your sales channels - it is therefore crucial that you get a professional identity created as soon as possible.


Who Will Create Your Logo?

Technically speaking, anyone that can draw is able to come up with a logo. However, as indicated above, there is so much resting on the logo design, and since it is the introductory point to your business, it is crucial that you do everything right in designing it.

For a logo that will be representative of your business ideals, your services or products, the visual identity of your business and one that will be reprinted hundreds and thousands of times in various media, it is very important that you have a professional logo designer create one for you.

Logo designers can help you create an image that is just the right visual identity for your business and target market. They will also help you to create a wide range of marketing products and ensure your logo is a true representation of you all the time. 

As you consider a logo design for your business, it is important that you understand that the logo is going to be part of your brand and image - it's not just some graphic. So, the money spent on designing your logo will be a good investment as opposed to just another expenditure on your accounts.