For Good SEO, Where Should My Blog Be Installed?

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You're building a website or updating an existing site and now it's time to think about adding in your blog. How should I do it so that I get the most SEO benefit? Do you have an existing 3rd party blog or do you want to start a new blog on your new website? Where should I add the blog on my new domain e.g.

Google would prefer if you did not add the blog on a subdomain e.g. , and google would also prefer that you didn't have it as an external blog embedded in an <iframe> tag. Google will also not give your domain any seo benefit if you just link to it on a 3rd party blog site. 

Google Prefers Your Blog To Be On Your Own Website

Google would like you to host it on your own domain at or . In this way Google can see that every blog article is on your own root domain e.g. and your domain will get full credit for the seo success of that page and content.

If you put the blog on a 3rd party website then every article you write benefits the blogging website's domain, and if you use an <iframe> tag to insert the blog into your website Google can see that code and will give you no SEO credit for your articles.

A subdomain e.g. will in a large way be treated as a separate domain from .... so installing a proper piece of blog software under your root domain e.g. is the only way to go.