Four Online Tips To More Sales

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1. A Better Position On Google 

If you want a better listing on the SEO/Free-listing (non-adwords) part of google you need some good in-links into your website from external, related websites e.g. industry associations that you are part of, bodies that govern your industry, suppliers that provide you with goods/services, clients that you are on good terms with etc. Ask these website owners to link to your pages and get them to link to inner pages on your website too - not just the homepage. Also get them to add a bit more than just a link to your website; a paragraph about your company would be better in addition to a link. Don't run off and get 20 new links each day for a week and then stop asking for links. Google likes natural, gradual in-link building, so the links happen gradually and the links are natural and largely come from authoritative websites within your industry that you have a genuine business connection with. 

2. A Blog Is A Great Website Addition

You probably heard lots of good things about what a website blog can do for the popularity of a website - well it's true. Some business owners think that having a website blog will take a lot of time to update and will take time away from sales work but that's not true. Lots of clever website owners just blog once or twice a week and they don't make a huge task of it - they just wait until they come across an article or new topic of interest to them, their clients and the industry. They write a small comment about the article that they read and explain how they see that topic being important in the future.

Done smartly, the above can take just a few minutes and then your website has another blog entry for google to consume and for website visitors to consume. Blog articles also give you more weight with clients - your business looks like more of a leader in your industry. The smart website blog owners also push that new article link out into social media by tweeting it and sending it to associates, putting it on linkedin or facebook where others can find it by simply searching for the keywords you used in the blog article. Over a few months this blog writing will take a very small amount of time and it will be doing great good for your website presence and generating credence for you with new sales prospects. 

3. Give Out Some 'FREE' Product And Services On Your Website

It might sound crazy, but a lot of your competitors give out something free in order to get talking to a new sales lead. The free product doesn't have to be a premium product but a taster e.g. a one month trial, a free demo, a free analysis or a free consultation. All of these details can be highlighted on your website. You could add a new page explaining the free product, and get them to email in their contact details in order to avail of the offer.

It's a great way for you to impress on a new prospect how great your business is to work with, so after the free trial period they then want to have you as their provider fulltime. With the free offer you're also getting to talk to those crafty sales prospects who are avid bargain hunters - they love a deal or a freebie. These freebie hunters are also prospective customers but to get their attention you need some freebie to get the conversation started.

4. Dip Your Toes Into Social Media - If You're Not There Already

If you're not already tweeting and using facebook, linkedin and Google+ to promote your business then maybe you should try it for a few weeks. You could setup an account in the above 4 websites for free in about 30 minutes and then do a search on youtube for a video on 'how to use twitter' or 'how to use Google+'. Everything you add to your website is amplified when you use social media - you can tweet/retweet/like material in seconds and all of this can be done on the move from your smart phone too.

If you are not using in already then it is also a new channel for you to make contact with new prospective customers. A lot of social media friendly people like when their suppliers also use social media so here you can tick that box for them and promote yourself at the same time. Try it for a few weeks and you will most likely never give it up.

If you need some advice or assistance in implementing any of these ideas into your web presence give us a call on 01-6216866