Good Website In-Links Will Help Your Business Grow

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All businesses are somehow dependent on their website. The success of the website depends on the quality of the content which is featured in the website. In addition to that, one of the ways for a website to have top ratings in Google is by having quality in-links i.e quality links from external websites to your website.

An in-link is formed when a quality website has one of your web pages listed for reference on it's website. So the first question which arises is: "how do I get people to list my website link on their web pages?". The more useful ways of achieving this involve social networking, guest blogging, having your own active blog, submitting useful articles to other websites, keeping quality content on your website etc.

Good Content Equals Good In-Links

One of the easiest ways of getting good in-links to your website is to maintain its quality by writing well researched, useful articles, product pages and blogs articles. What you write should be something that everyone wants to read or share with their colleagues or friends.

So, if you are very knowledgeable and passionate about your business and products, then make that your content specialisation. The more unique your article is, the higher its chances of being linked to by other websites. And since search engines like Google take note of this factor in their SEO listings, it is one of the most fail safe methods of improving your search engine rankings.

Use Of Web Directories

A Web Directory basically provides a list of website links based on categories and subcategories of interest to the web directory visitor e.g. a list of painters in Ireland, a list of solicitors in Dublin. There are paid and free web directories available where you can add your website information and link.

Make sure that the Web Directory you choose is a good one, by checking the quality of the websites that it links to and the way in which the information is categorised.

Sometimes, it is worth paying a few Euros to get your site listed in a good Web Directory featuring premium listings, just for the amount of exposure it will bring to your website. Good web directories feature well in Google rankings - it's often a very good move to get yourself listed on good web directories.

Make sure that you give in all the right details and specify the right business category so that your chances of rejection from the web directory are minimal.

How Networking/Blogging Helps

Being in touch with business owners obviously helps your website and your business. Actively participate and comment on industry associated blogs and forums. Invite industry bloggers to write guest posts on your website (or in your website news section of you don't have a website blog) and offer to write product/technology features for their websites or blogs.
Provide some links to websites in your industry too - Google likes you to have some quality out-links; not too many though. You can also ask your clients to link to your website too, as one of their suppliers - having a good working relationship with them will mean they'll probably agree to it.

To make your website rank top in Google, you'll need to know a bit about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and getting quality inlinks to your site. It is a challenge and will require continuous work from your end, but the business/website rewards will more than make up for the work you put into it.

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