High Quality Mobile Website Shops Will Hugely Increase Your Sales

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Use mobile stores to better communicate with your customers and improve sales by making use of customer's tendency for “impulse buying”.

When it comes to web designing for a consumer base that is “on the go” and on their mobiles, there’s no better way to communicate with your customers, and to increase website traffic and sales, than by offering them a complete mobile solution. That does not just mean offering your visitors a mobile-enabled browsing experience. It also means providing them with the opportunity to shop and spend money on your completely mobile focused web store.

You Are Probably Missing Out On Sales

Mobile devices are part of today’s shopper’s personalities and one of the traits of such personalities is buying on impulse. A high-quality web designer can tap into that growing phenomenon of “impulse buying” by strategically building websites that cater to an increasingly mobile consumer focused customer base.

Today’s buyer wants goods and services on demand, no matter where they are – at home, on the road, in their office or on a train or bus; and a mobile website shop can provide them with that experience at ant time of the day. Sadly though, according to research by Centre For Retail Research and VoucherCodes.co.uk , “... retailers are collectively missing out on an astounding £6.6bn per year due to a lack of investment in their mobile offering”.

So what can you do to turn things around?

Increasing Sales On-The-Go

A well designed mobile website shop can help retailers and small businesses communicate better with their customer base, no matter where they may be, and capitalise on such opportunities. Here are three ways how being mobile can help your sales grow exponentially:

1. Be There: When a buyer wants desperately to place an order – even on an impulse, you need to be there. If you web design is mobile-enabled, then your existing clients, prospective customers and business partners will always be able to find you there, at that particular time of the day and no matter where they are. Their impulses will land you business that otherwise you might not get. If you aren’t around (in their mobile sphere), that business will go to a competitor of yours. So, as you well know, you can't afford any downtime, your website can't be hard to use and you need to make sure that when they search for the product and services they want that they find you on Google using Google Adwords or SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).


2. Be Agile: Mobile buyers are all about speed – they're in a continual rush. If you have a mobile website that’s designed to download and display quickly, you’ll be able to tap into an impulse-buy before the impulse “goes cold”. The longer your site takes to show up on the mobile device, the greater are the chances that the customer may decide to change their mind about buying or just go to another site which does load quickly. A web design team that knows mobile technology well can greatly increase your revenue through web sales. Your website needs to 'keep fit' – it needs to be up to date, the web server needs to be well resourced so it can display pages quickly and it needs to be easy to use.


3. Be Available: If you also have a bricks-and-mortar shop, mobile web stores can take advantage of a growing phenomenon called proximity marketing (PM). PM uses social media and other GPS-enabled technologies to alert mobile consumers that your store is available close-by.


When a prospect or client is within a certain distance from your place of business, PM strategies can not only help you communicate with them and alert them about your presence, but also tell them about great deals and promotions that you are offering. This works on their impulse to “go check it out”, landing you new business that might not have come your way otherwise. Make sure you're on Google Maps to as more and more people use that now for searching for a company or service.

By extending your reach to prospects and existing customers, beyond the confines of their desktops and land-lines, and beyond “regular” business hours, web designing techniques for mobile-enabled websites and stores helps you expand your pool of potential buyers.

No Sale Goes Wasted

There’s a popular saying in the online marketing business:

“None of your mobile prospects go unsold – someone else sells to them!”

The math for going mobile is simple: More buyers = more prospects, which = more conversion opportunities. Tapping into impulse buying can effectively help you convert casual visitors into paying customers. It also means you are communicating with your customers and future clients on their terms – where they want to buy and when they want to buy.

Investing in a mobile friendly web design means that you are able to communicate with clients and prospects when and where THEY are ready to spend money. But having a mobile website shop means more than just capturing sales based on your visitor’s impulses. It also means that you can grab sales from other competitors that aren’t in the mobile-sphere yet or just have a poor oldwebsite – just by being there for mobile shoppers at the right place and at the right time!

If you have any questions about having a batter website shop or starting a new website shop give us a call and get all your questions answered - 01-6216866  info@myit.ie