How Does My Site Compare To My Competitors?

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A Smart Approach To Creating A Competitive Advantage 

Today’s tech-dominated social world is intrinsically connected to every waking day. Having a web design that web-surfers like and remember to visit again is a sure-fire winner for your business. Website patrons today are bound by multiple criteria when judging a website and ranking it in comparison to your competitors.

Some of these factors include the website design itself, it's navigation-friendliness, it's search-engine optimised content that helped you find it in the first place, the quality of the content and more.

Besides these factors, it may also be worth investing in localising your content so that everything on your website makes perfect sense to each of your target groups. All of these will make a huge difference to your website’s traffic figures. Some of these value creators have helped us stand apart from our competitors in Dublin and across Ireland.

Some of these initiatives are:


Focused, Planned Content

Content, when used correctly, can enhance websites beyond what you might think. Our content writer builds quality and optimised content that is aimed at the target market, high value and search engine optimised.

Our online content undergoes frequent reanalysis so as to ensure it remains useful to the reader - you should do the same with your website content. We work to ensure that every sentence that is written on our website is what we want and will be of use to the website visitor.

Keep content brief if the message is brief too - don't pad out the content with unnecessary text. Well planned content is easy to read, easy to understand and most importantly, it's useful to the prospective client.


Quality Web Design

Our web designer believes in constant, continuous and consistent optimisation of our design with new concepts being introduced from time to time. The website's look and feel is important. It has to do with the layout, the colours, the easy of use and the impression it leaves with the reader. On design we keep an eye on: 

  • - Innovative web design
  • - Healthy aesthetics
  • - Pleasing colours
  • - Easy navigation
  • - Relevant information
  • - Strategically designed menus and headers
  • - Structured display of content 


The “Fresh Design” Factor

The pace of technological growth today is beyond what one might have imagined a couple of decades ago. At this rate of advancement, we understand the need to keep the website fresh. It does not take long for a website visitor to become uninterested in your site if they have been on it a few times or if your design is a bit stale and old-hat. To prevent this from happening, our team try some new layout/design concepts from time to time.

We constantly keep the content, the website design, the navigational path fresh and inviting. This will please our existing customer base but also be inviting for the first visits of new customers. The 'fresh design' element will instill a sense of confidence and loyalty in the minds of the surfers too as they see us keep the house in order in terms of visual appeal.


Engaging The Website Visitor

For a website to be successful, it must know how to convert visitors to paying customers. Our website does not stop at creating a good impression for our target audience, but also increases their engagement. The website design is built to provide an interactive user experience, so that readers are encouraged to visit the site again, leave a feedback and or make that initial contact through email or phone.

Integrating our website with a blog for viewers has built a perfect platform for them to leave get their questions answered and read other helpful articles and tips that they can use on their website. Another important aspect too that makes us different is that we do not stop at taking suggestions, but go on to implement the constructive ones. We keep in constant content with our clients too and also give away online/web-related gifts to clients a few times per year. These are some suggestions that you could implement in your website too.


Search Engine Optimised Content

Our team of SEO experts in Dublin give us the competitive advantage of presenting optimised content online, at any point in time. We closely monitor the search engine trends, and build the best content that is optimised for ranking by Google and other search engines. This constant analysis of our content increases our visibility and thus our online traffic, and this is building our customer base by the day. 

Contact MyIT Website Designers Ballymount if you have any questions and we'd be happy to answer them for you.