How Often Should You Update Website Content?

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A website is an essential advertising medium for your business which enables your new and existing customers to get information about your products and services. Therefore, updating information on this websites ensures that it remains fresh and catches the attention of all your website visitors.

Updating content regularly also enables your website to become more competitive in search engines hence making it highly visible. So how often should you update your website? The answer is whenever possible and error on the side of lots of updates. For a mid sized company daily news/blog updates would be advisable, for a smaller company keeping all content up to date and a new/blog entry every few days would be good.

A website should have good content - well planned and very informative and tailored for the reader. A business owner may sometimes be too busy focusing on running the business that they may neglect their website, and this is where a good content plan will help. The website owner should have a good content plan which is realistic for the company and that dictates when and after what period of time the website content should be updated.

The contact page is one of the most important aspects of a website. It provides information which viewers can use to contact the business owner. It is therefore vital that whenever there is a change of phone numbers or physical addresses, the contact page should be updated immediately.

The news page is also highly important. Readers are usually attracted by progress and they're curious as to what your company has been doing lately. The news page should always have updated records of progress made by the business - new products, awards, certifications won etc. This helps bring in and retain customers. Product offers and competitions (where possible) also have a similar effect. They should always be updated to keep readers engaged.

Finally, for websites dealing with product sales, one requires a well constructed product information page. Businesses are always coming up with new product or re-branding and improving older products. It is important that the website reflects all this change. Updating the product pages helps to increase consumer confidence in your company.

Nobody wants to buy a potentially harmful product or one which is nearly out of date and soon to be replaced. In general, updating the website information helps engage viewers and search engines, and this will grow your business.

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