How SEO Can Help Your New Customers Find You

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It has become really important for website owners to devise effective means of directing lots of new customers to their website. Having a website is only part of the online puzzle since most of the work lies in marketing the website. It will be meaningless to have captivating site but have zero visitors on the site.

This job of marketing the website is often ignored by website owners who are new to online marketing, even though it's one of the most crucial parts that every website owner should pay great attention to.

Most businesses are currently online because it is now easier to find customers, talk to customers and sell online. Below are some of the strategies that need to be applied to increase the sales volume or visitors on your website.

Use Of Blogs And Articles

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) forms the base of online marketing. No single site can receive considerable clients without concentrating on SEO. It however requires you to understand how to optimise the website so that new customers can find your products on your site. The first and most important thing to do is write good content that describes the kind of services or products that you sell.

For example, if the website is for an accountants practise, have a list and description of the services that you provide. This can include additional web pages on: How to gather all your receipts efficiently, The important tax submission/filing dates, Good software to use for book-keeping etc.

This means every time a prospective client is looking for content related to accountancy, the search engines will find relevant content from your website to display to the clients. This approach also works well by having a number of blogs articles on your website regarding products and services that you sell.

The more blog entries and informative articles you have, the better the ranking of your website by search engines. This applies to Google, Yahoo and Bing among others. Remember also that most prospective clients will visit just the sites that appear on the first page of a search engine set of results, so that's where you need to be.

Use Of Backlinks

Search engines rate the importance of a website depending on how many other noteworthy/reputable websites point to your site. The more back-links you have the higher the ranking your website gets with the search engines. Back-links are either bought, free or mutual - mutual links being the ones where both parties agree to have back-links to one another.

Submit your website address to web directories and have a good description in there of what the website is all about and what services you provide.


Getting positive reviews wins the confidence of clients too. Always ensure you get happy customers to write positive reviews on your website. This makes new clients believe that they too will be well looked after by your business and this encourages them to contact you.

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