How To Find Your Best Industry Keywords

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The keywords that drive traffic to your websites can be identified by you with a little work - and note that long tail search terms (search terms with 3/4 or more words) are also more valuable because they are associated with more specialised requirements and more qualified traffic. To help you choose the right keywords and phrases and be able to target them, here's how to identify them:

The best keyword search technique you can use is to try and get to the keywords before any one else, but that is not always possible. The above is possible if you already have knowledge about a new product or service and can tell your customers about it before anyone else - speed matters.

You can be on the cusp of the latest news by keeping up to date within your industry online - watch for breaking industry news, new product licenses, check on youtube for news about your industry etc.

Use Your Website Logs To See What People Are Searching For

The next best technique is less glamorous but it is also far more applicable to a wider range of businesses. Always look for what people are looking for on your own website (by using your website visitor logs or google analytics) and analyse the search keywords and look for questions.

Someone could have landed on your site by asking a question e.g. "how can i make pc faster without more ram" and perhaps you can build a service around that. But, this technique will also give you keywords which have a conversion capability and will bring you a stronger SEO performance e.g. a service to "make pcs faster".

You should continually think about this keyword-search topic because no one tool or technique will give you all the answers you want or were expecting. And you should dedicate a little time and energy to it regularly and also re-assess it constantly. This task is frequently done too hastily and with little thought and this impacts on the entire success of the campaign.

Use Google Adwords To Further Research Your Key Phrases

Just like SEO keywords, paid search keywords (google adwords keywords) can tell you a lot about your most important search terms. Pay per Click (PPC) (Google Adwords) has a tactical element to it which can help you identify the keywords that will make a big difference to your business - e.g. you can see the volume of searches for different keywords for your industry (and it's country specific), you can see the per-click value that Google attributes to them etc.

You should consider running an experimental PPC campaign to help you get more information on keyword-use volumes and to also help you find out more about click-through rates (a click-through is when someone finds you on google and clicks on your advert or listing to find out more), since the 3rd party tools like Google Keyword Tool are not necessarily 100% accurate or they may have no figures at all for the products/services you sell even though there is traffic there for those keywords.

Always look for keywords which convert well so that your extra web visitors are turning into customers and not just browsers. Doing good keyword analysis can help you project how much your web marketing is going to cost and how many sales you can make from the marketing. If you have any questions you need answering why don't you email or call us on 01-6216866 and get more information?