How to Find Your Business's Top Ten Most Important Search Terms

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After creating a decent website for your business the first thing you want to know is the way it is performing online. When there are billions of websites on the internet and millions added every day, taking the necessary steps to promote your web pages on the search engines in order to get more web traffic and grow your business is a matter of huge importance.

As soon as you decide to start a suitable SEO campaign, you need to know the most appropriate keywords for your website and business. In order to shortlist the top ten keywords for your web pages you should follow a definite plan to get the most important ones.


Take A Good Look At Your Competitors' Websites

A good strategy would be to take a close look at the content of your competitors’ websites and note the keywords they are using for their web page title bars and meta tags.

- Make a list of about 30 keywords that are closely linked to your website and most likely to drive the search engine crawlers towards your web pages.

- Out of the 30 search terms, look for those ones that your competitors are using extensively over and over again on various advertising campaigns and marketing platforms.

- Check your own business to analyse the product/service areas that generate the most income.

On the basis of above points you would be able to judge and sort the chosen 30 keywords in order of relevancy i.e the search terms that will deliver the most results.

Focus On The Keywords That Are Not Performing Well

Check all the chosen 30 keywords for performance in the search engines too i.e enter your keywords into and see which of your competitors pages are coming up, and what pages of yours are coming up. 

You need to pay more attention to the keywords for which you are not getting onto page one in Google, so for the moment discard the keywords for which you are on page 1 and pay more attention on the keywords for which your website needs further improvement.

Once you have a number of different keywords on page 1 (in the top 10) you can work on getting into the top 5.

You have your list ready now, and in the correct order and preference. Now you can use the top ten hot keywords you have just found for optimising your website in an effective way.