How To Improve My Website Content

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Creating compelling website content is an art as well as a science. Inexperienced web design companies will often create websites but not plan the content, or substitute content for 'website gadgets'. You don't want to fill your website with every app, gadget and gizmo available - you want to put in place great content and an attractive design that works for your industry. 


Content Is King

On the busy internet website content is king and great content is absolute monarch. The way to attract visitors is by focusing on high-quality content. It is for the content that people will visit a website over and over again. And if the content is really exceptional, visitors might even bookmark it for repeated and easy access. Better still, they will likely share it with friends as a "Go To" site.
The question is: How do you improve your content?


Building Your Niche

Unless you are a site that has no specific focus, and many great sites fall within this category, your website content should focus on a specific niche or two. The objective should be to develop and publish content that separates your site from the competition. Experts often say:

  • Narrow the focus
  • broaden the depth 

What this means is your content should focus on what you, or your company, does best. That way you'll have a lot more information to submit on a specialised area. However, the content must also be in-depth about your expertise area. If visitors need superficial content they could likely get it from any other websites.


Write To Engage

Remember, it is not just people that know the subject you specialise in that may visit your website. There will also be a percentage of your visitors - perhaps a small percentage - that are curious to learn more about what you do and what you stand for. Your website content should be created with a view to engage all types of visitors. Imagine if you could convert even a tiny portion of those "curious" visitors and turn them into "regulars" visitors. Wouldn't that be a great revenue generating opportunity?


SEO Is Essential

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. While it is first and foremost "people" that you should create content for, do not overlook Search Engine Spiders, Robots and Crawlers. These are search engine programs driven by intelligent website content sniffing algorithms - an example being Google's internet crawlers. Their main purpose is to:

  • Find content that is fresh 
  • Check that websites are relevant and appropriate 
  • Rate and rank your website based on its content
  • Confirm content on the site does not break any written, and often unwritten, rules of the search engine

Therefore, when putting your content together you need to give SEO it's due consideration. That means well researched keywords, appropriate keyword packing density, judicious use of links, good topic headings, and a whole lot more.


Get Copywriter Help If Needed

While many website owners create their own content, some are too busy to spend time doing so. If you are one of those then you would be advised to consult with a professional website content producer before you publish any content on your website.

Unprofessionally developed content could do your website more harm that you realise and with good, well researched content you can really grow your business - the choice is easy - spend time to create quality content for your website because that's what your website visitors and the search engines are looking for.


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