Importance Of Having Up To Date Website Content And Design

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Your website is a twenty four hours a day public image of your business. And you need to use your website designer or your CMS (content management system) to ensure that the website is kept up to date, in terms of content and design. Here are two good reasons as to why the website should be updated, and if you give us a call we'll go through a few more with you:

1. Old website content drives away potential clients in an online scenario ... because you have plenty of online competition and your customers will simply go to one of your competitors' websites to get what they want.

If for instance, the products or services displayed on your site are outdated, out of stock or if there is old information on those pages, people viewing the web page will leave your site and check for what they need elsewhere. They don't have the time to read product information that is out of date or that they deem to be out of date.

2. As the years go by the design of your website needs to be looked at to ensure it remains attractive to prospective customers. The design of your homepage is the first impression of your website that a customer gets, and that impression is made within a few seconds. A design can become old looking simply because trends change on the web, and new features and effects are used in different industries to design and build websites.

If all of your competitors appear to have a certain type of website ... we would suggest that you should look at this with a professional web designer and do an analysis of what is actually going on in terms of layout, content and design. It is good to stand out from the crowd but not too far from the crowd.

Your competitors will have an upper hand when it comes to sales if you don't keep your content and image looking well. This is because there is a lot of competition online and good looking websites with up to date content are far more attractive to sales prospects looking to make a purchase.

Get your web designer to go through your website with you and analyse your competitors' websites too. Get them to objectively determine what it is like for a customer to land on your website - is it attractive? is it easy to find product information? is it easy to find additional information? is all the information up to date? are all your products and services explained on your website?

Contact MyIT Web Design City West if you have any questions and we'd be happy to answer them for you.