Important SEO Tips For Website Clients

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  1. Nowadays, good seo is 50 small things and they all matter, and not just title, meta, desc, keyword, h1 tags
  2. An image with text written on it with photoshop is not text that google can read (yes, there is some experimental work in this area but it's not standard release to the google website crawlers yet)
  3. Copying product description from your supplier website is not good for your website seo .... google can now see where your text came from by comparing sentences to it's database .... and then google will mark it as duplicate content.
  4. Tell your client that they need to update some website text with some frequency e.g. a blog or some new content or update existing web pages ...... a stagnant 15 web pages won't do their website that much good
  5. Doing any unnatural/repetitive/sudden seo themselves is bad e.g. getting their 20 soccer buddies to all link to their homepage from numerous web pages on their sites with the same anchor text
  6. Any unnatural/repetitive/sudden social media is bad e.g. getting 30 friends to like each of their 10 web pages every day for a month.
  7. Try and give all your website images a title. It's called an Alt tag and google can read it and google likes being told what is in an image, so your alt tag text helps out here. Use the alt tag to describe the image and don't use it to stuff the alt tag with your keywords ... google will see what you're trying to do.


These are just a few simple tips for website owners .... if you want to know more just get in contact and we'll answer any questions that you have.