Mobilising Mobile Web Design - Why your entire web presence must be mobile

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If you speak with any website designing agency today, and ask what services their clients are mostly asking for – it’s NOT what you might think. You may expect that many clients are looking to mobile-enable their web design. However, the truth is that most large and small businesses have already gone mobile – years ago.

So, if you still don’t have an extensive mobile footprint by now, it’s time to ask your web designer why.


The Quest for Mobile Dominance

Because so many websites have already converted to mobile a while back, most web designing services today are preoccupied with upgrading and strengthening those websites and digital platforms. Laggards in the mobile online space are finding that their competitors have already created powerful mobile digital presences that are inclined to grab market share from the stragglers.

Savvy web design service providers are seeing that trend, and are helping their late-adopter clients in this quest for mobile dominance. Here are some very powerful statistics why laggards need to now focus on their mobile presence, including mobile website design and social media presence:

- Consumer statistics show mobile shopping/ordering on the rise. From 2011 to 2017, retail eCommerce (i) (as a percent of total retail trade) in the UK rose from 12 to 17.6%. And this trend is expected to continue to rise to 21.5% by 2018

- In 2017, smartphone-initiated online sales in the UK represented 49.7% of all Mobile sales (ii) (or mCommerce) transactions. And smartphone-based mobile web site design is expected to support upwards of 56% of all retail commerce by 2021

- With over 45 million (iii) potential customers across the UK active on social media platforms, mobile website designing has now acquired an even greater urgency

With so much at stake, the race for small businesses to dominate the mobile landscape is well on its way. And any experienced web designer will tell you that winning that race takes more than simply creating a mobile website. To be the dominant player in your niche, you need to mobile-enable your entire digital profile – from web designing to online marketing, and from social media platforms to other forms of social communication.

Winning the Mobile Race

If you don’t yet have a mobile presence, don’t worry – we’ve got your back Here are a few simple steps that you can take to ensure you’re soon competing with your online peers – even if they have already embraced mobile website designing much earlier than you:

1) Strategize: Before you think about creating or enhancing your online mobile footprint, spend some time with your own team and work out a strategy. Remember to identify your target market, who your competitors are, and how you plan to differentiate yourself online from the competition

2) Engage: With your strategy in hand, it’s time to engage a reputable web design service provider to help you implement it. It’s important to remember that mobile-enabling your online presence isn’t just about smart web designing. It requires that your entire digital profile – including website and social footprint – work in tandem to produce a winning mobile-enabled online presence

3) Respond: More and more online shoppers are using multiple devices to browse, shop and buy online. Make sure that your web design agency builds highly responsive websites and other online platforms, including web pages, social media pages and blog sites. With responsive website design, your online messages will dynamically appear to your audience, regardless of what devices they use, be it a desktop computer, tablets, laptops or smartphones

4) Diversify: To win the mobile race, it is important that your online presence is accessible through multiple operating systems – including iOS (Apple), Google (Android) and Microsoft (Windows)

5) Rinse and Repeat: Mobile technologies evolve rapidly. While a traditional (static) website could safely be refreshed and upgraded once every two years or so, that’s not the case for mobile online profiles. Make sure the web design services that you engage to help with your mobile strategy, are committed to providing you with frequent upgrades and enhancements. Without such refreshes, your website and social platforms will not be well-ranked by popular search engines like Google’s Chrome or Microsoft’s Edge/Bing

To ensure you win the mobile race, discuss these simple steps with your website designer as soon as possible. You may have started late, but with some professional help, you can still outpace your competitors.