Unleashing The Power Of Content Management Systems (CMS)

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Four Website Design Truths That Help Reduce Maintenance Effort And Cost And Increase Your Traffic

Now, more than ever, web site design professionals are advising their clients to embrace Content Management Systems (CMSs) as a way to help reduce overall maintenance costs, while also positioning them to reap the benefits of enhanced website traffic. Find out how your web designer can help you unleash the power of CMS for your website.


Efficient And Effective Web Designing

The days of winning online marketing battles against competing websites, purely on the strength of website design, are over Search engines like Google are constantly updating their search algorithms to focus more on web content, than on the bells and whistles that go into the sites’ design. Clearly, content is once again the ruling king
The challenge that any web design agency has, however, is managing, updating, monitoring and refreshing that content. Because until now, a lot of the website content was embedded into the core design of the site, it took professional (and highly expensive) resources to ensure website content was frequently updated, and skilfully managed. If your web designer was unable to do that (manage your content), Google and other search engines would likely penalise you for having “stale” or “outdated” content.


Enter CMS

With the entry of CMS, your website designing agency can now “decouple” the content management aspects of your website, from the design function, and empower you (the website owner) to manage that content yourself. So, how exactly does this empowerment help you?

1) Cost: CMS solutions are a great way for “ordinary” website owners and entrepreneurs to take over many functions – like editing articles, posting blogs, adding graphics and pictures into the website design – by themselves. That means you no longer need to pay for such services, and that reduces the total cost of website maintenance

2) Responsiveness: Great web designing isn’t just about creating responsive websites (although that’s an important feature of any website today); but it is also about being able to respond to your visitor-base with timely and appropriate content. CMS tools allow business owners, who are closest to their content and their visitors, to respond with content almost on-demand No longer do you need to schedule a session with your web designing agency to respond to client demand for content

3) Design Flexibility: Almost every CMS solution gives the end user (you) the flexibility to make significant changes to your web design. So, for instance, if you wanted to reposition the “Hot Deals” page of your site somewhere else within the site, YOU could do it on your own. CMS even allows users to change backgrounds, introduce corporate visual identity schemes, and move components of the site around to satisfy customer demand. While a competitor might wait for his/her website designer to introduce a new logo, a CMS user can quickly do so by him/herself.

4) Teamwork: While content is definitely King in Google’s (and other search engine’s) world, managing content often takes teamwork. You, the business owner, may have some great content ideas. Your Marketing lead may have something to add. Your Sales team may want to tweak that content further. No longer do you need a web design service to help coordinate these content creation efforts. CMS allows the entire team – even if they aren’t co-located, to seamlessly collaborate and cooperate when creating content.

But that’s not all that CMS solutions offer. Web design services that offer full-service CMS solutions to their users, also provide security monitoring, operating system and anti-virus updates and firewall protection to CMS users. Best of all, no longer will you need to contact your web designer and ask him to provide you with statistics about your content. Today’s CMS solutions include powerful Content Analytics features, which tell you what content you should focus on, and which content is redundant on your website.


It’s Time To Take The Leap

If you still haven’t made up your mind on whether you should speak with your website designing agency about adopting CMS, then you could soon be left behind. CMS solutions based on WordPress, Joomla and Drupal might already be featured in your competitor’s web design strategy. If you delay moving to this exciting and innovative technology, you may soon find that managing, updating and monitoring your website gets harder (and costly) with each passing day.

The time to take the leap is NOW. Most reputable web designing services offer CMS solutions to their clients. Having that conversation could well position your website ahead of your competition and draw even more sales to your business.