Using Google+ To Grow Your Website

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In today's world of social networking, almost every business has a website in a whole range of industries. Staying in touch with the websites that interest us is made very easy. Every website owner wants to add that something extra to their website which will increase the number of hits on their site.

In other words, they want to increase the number of visitors to their site. One of the latest ways to achieving this end is to add the Google+1 button to your web pages. Now how do we know that this would bring in more traffic to your website? The reasoning and logic behind this technique is quite simple and works in the following ways:

1. A chance to refer your website: When you add the "Google+1" to your website design, people visiting your website have the chance to refer your website if they found it to their liking. Just like Facebook gives the "Like" option to let your friends know when you think something is cool and worth checking ... Google does the same with Google+1.

When a person is signed-in under their Google account and is searching for something, it gives first preference to any relevant content ... e.g. a web page to which their friends may have added a "Google+1". People who have recommended your page bring in their own circle of friends and make your page familiar to them. It also means that your page has their approval and is definitely safe to visit.

2.. Trust: All of us give more attention to something recommended by a friend, as compared to something suggested by a third party person that we do not know that well. So while searching for something relevant, it is more likely that we will first search the pages of a site showing a "Google+1" sign which was recommended by a friend of yours.

There is a high probability that you will share some similar interests with that person and it is logical that looking up something that they recommended would save you time in your search.

3. Used by Google: Another reason why adding the "Google+1" feature to your website is a definite advantage for your website is that Google gives preference to websites or information tagged with its "+1" sign when compared to all other relevant information in its search results.

The Google search engine is undoubtedly the most powerful and most frequently used search engine, so adding the "Google+1" will increase your site visibility in the Google search rankings and that's what matters for your website.

The Google+1 button is something which is highly recommended to website owners who want to increase their website visibility and traffic. Go for it, if you have not done so already!

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