Web Design Agencies – What Else Can They Do?

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The popular belief is that when you need a website designed, or when there are changes you need to make to the layout of your website, you call your web design agency and they’ll help you with the task. 

That was in days gone by though. Much has changed, and the web agency today has evolved into more than a designer of websites. In fact, you need to think “web/IT consulting” in order to comprehend the full range of services that today’s web service provider’s offer.  

Read on to discover what else they can do for you and how your web design agency may be able to help you in areas you hadn't considered.  

More Than Just Pretty Sights!

A pretty website is indeed a great sight to behold, but to be successful on the internet requires more than a great site layout and well-crafted text and pictures. With the help of the right website design agency, you can harness everything that you need to ensure success on the internet:

  • • Pictures Paint A 1000 Words: While you could take your smart phone and take pictures of your products and your sales team, it really takes a professional to bring out the best in photos for your website. Most agencies have extensive contacts in the digital media sector and the publication industry. Use those contacts to help you choose the right photographer – they'll know talented photographers that will not charge the earth and will get you the results that you want.

  • • Move Your Visitors To Action: Unless your website has compelling “Call to action” buttons and boxes, you may not be able to convert a good proportion of your website visitors into paying clients. Today’s web developers rely heavily on videos to move visitors to action. The web agency you work with can help you produce powerful video content that “tells and sells” your business. We're all drawn to TV screens and videos on a website – we just like moving pictures. So why not get a quality, sales focused video for your homepage and makes you stand head and shoulders above all your competitors?

  • • Content Is King: The most beautifully designed website, with all the bells and whistles, can’t alone make you grab market share – unless you have well planned and equally moving content. Professional web agencies can also help you plan what needs to be said on your website and how it should be said. They can then help you build compelling content to appropriately compliment the awesome web designs they create. There are lots of moving parts on each web page so get your web design agency to help you bring everything together.  

  • • Branding Yourself: You need your company to stand out from the completion, otherwise your presence will not be noticed on the web. A good web design agency can help you create powerful logos, stunning corporate themes and exceptional product presentations that will resonate with your customer base. Maybe your current logo is great but maybe it's not. Maybe it just needs a redraw – talk to a premium web agency and they'll go through some ideas and thoughts with you on your brand and your target audience.

  • • Targeted Messaging: Our world is a unique composition of multi-generational individuals. From 'Baby Boomers' to 'Millennials', and from 'Generation Xers' to 'Generation Yers' – we all respond differently to what we hear, read and see. A professional website design agency can help you position your products and services appropriately, for each type of consumer - and they can craft unique messages that resonate with each type of demography that visits your website. Each website visitor will feel as though your website is speaking specifically to them – and that’s the power of targeted messaging.

  • • Website Hosting: All of your time, hard work and expense in creating a web presence will be wasted if your website is down too often. People will presume that your company is somewhat undependable if your website is undependable. Without a premium website hosting service to support your site you won’t be accessible when and where future clients need you. 


Working with a quality website designing agency to also host your website offers a one-shop solution to all your web presence needs. You’ll have a reliable partner that manages your site and support, and a dependable website that’s always open for business for your customers.

As with any other service provider however, it’s essential that you spend time picking the right agency to work with. There are hundreds of options but very few are experienced, dependable full-service providers. Speak on the phone to a range of providers and then go and meet a few that you think could be a good fit for your business. Ask them what can they do for you over the coming 3-5 years and how they'll achieve that.

Reaching Out Is The Key 

As discussed, today’s website designing agency is a team that does more than just HTML coding or Java scripting for your website. The very fact that they can do those things (HTML and Java ‘stuff’), gives them a unique insight into how website visitors interact with websites, and how to enhance that experience. 

As a result of those exceptional insights, your web design agency can be an invaluable ally in your internet marketing strategy. They can offer you the benefit of their experience that spans from planning and designing websites and associated content, to strategising how to position yourself online in order to draw more traffic and increase sales.

The key however, to taking advantage of these opportunities, is to connect with a knowledgeable web agency, and discuss all your needs in detail and see if they're speaking your language. If they can, then they can then build an effective web strategy for your business.  

If you have any questions about how we can support your entire web presence and make you operate at a higher level then give us a call on 01-6216866 or email info@myit.ie .