Website Content Management: How To Create Great Web Content That Generates Sales Leads

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Website Content Management: How To Create Great Web Content That Generates Sales Leads

Ask any web design agency worth their salt what is the most important component of any website, and chances are they’ll say “content –  high quality content”. That’s right, the oft repeated mantra that “Content is king” is indeed true. But the real question is: How do you create killer content that attracts new website visitors and Google?

Read on to learn some  insights that professional content creators use to produce jaw-dropping results. 

Mixing It Up 

It’s true that website visitors love useful, quality content. However, how do you go about making that content? And the answer is – by mixing it up. Here are some web design secrets that you’d do well to keep in mind when undertaking your next round of website upgrades:

1) Be Authoritative:
The first thing that website visitors like about content, is the unquestionable authority with which it is presented and delivered. If your website site is about house construction, then the content offered should reflect a high level of knowledge of that subject. If it isn’t, then your visitors will likely never return. They don't want generic text and loose opinions – they want to hear you share your valuable experience and knowledge. Be confident in how you speak and write too – give your advice and opinions.

2) Be Original:
Another thing that any credible web design agency will tell you about content, is that it must be original. Cutting/pasting, or regurgitating existing content will not only drive away your visitors, but it can also run you afoul of search engines. Google can easily spot you using text from some other company's website , so don't do it. 

3) A picture paints a thousand words:
One the easiest ways to liven-up your website, is to use photos within your content. Not just “any” photo  – but images that are really relevant to the content you are presenting. When planning out your website design, make sure you dig through your image library (or search online on copyright free photo libraries) for high-quality photographs first. Then, “carefully place” your images throughout the site, making sure you have a mix of text and images throughout. It's worth considering getting a photographer as there is a big difference between low quality photos and photographer quality photos.

4) Take it up a notch:
While pictures can paint a thousand words, videos can go  a step further than that again. Some of the most popular websites are those that include helpful videos along with their regular text and photo content. For instance, if your website is about offering accountancy services to your visitors, then featuring video content about various helpful accounting tips that you’ve created could do much more for your traffic than simply pasting static screen shots about those tips.

5) Make it interactive:
The trick to web design success is to never bore your visitors. If all they see is static content on an endlessly scrolling web page, they’ll likely abandon the page half-way through. Instead, add interactivity – like a popup messages or a Chat Bot – at appropriate places. This tip can be especially helpful when your content is quite technical in nature. Interactivity will not only help relieve the monotony of the topic being covered, but it is also a great web design tool to get to know your visitors better too, and offers you an opportunity to up-sell or cross-sell your products and services.  

6) Expand your reach:
The great thing about serving highly engaging content on your website, is that it doesn’t all have to be YOUR own content. A great website content preparation strategy is to leverage existing content that’s out there. However, the trick is to make sure you link to authoritative websites only.   
For instance, if you are selling painting supplies through your website; the demand for your content can significantly be enhanced amongst your visitors, by linking to popular YouTube channels that teach visitors how to use some of the supplies you supply.  

Know Your Visitors

Making the best of your content is only possible if you know what type of content your visitors want – and then serving them exactly what they want. To make your content effective, you need to work closely with your website design agency to develop a comprehensive website content strategy. Such a strategy will not only identify what type of content each page should contain, but will also highlight the type of visitors whom that specific content will target.
For instance, Baby boomers and Gen X/Gen Y visitors love the appeal of text-based content.

So, if your website is about topics such as Retirement Planning, then you should focus more on text-based content. However, many millennials may also be interested in such topics, but they need the same content “simplified” and “quick served”. The way to address this need is to have your web design agency work with you to develop attractive infographics and animated content especially for a younger audience.

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