Website Layouts

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If first impressions count in web design then the type of layout you use should be paramount. Your choice of website layout should reflect the kind of business you’re doing. You can’t use a casual looking layout to promote a law firm for example, that would give out the wrong message entirely.

Layouts are aesthetically important to your website in attracting visitors and encouraging them to perform whatever action you want them to such as making a purchase. Before you design your website think about the different types of layout and select one that it most suited to your kind of business.

Fixed Layout

This is one of the most commonly used web design layouts because of its simplicity and ease of access. Web designers make use of fixed size to establish web pages and columns in a way that visitors will find easy to access. The measurements in a website with fixed layout are accurate and it provides for perfect control of graphic elements.

If you want to build a site with fixed and unchanging images, a fixed layout will do the work for you. The only issue with it is that your site may become outdated as sites with dynamic image presentation are becoming more popular.

Flexible Layout

As the name implies this layout is flexible and continuously dynamic with respect to the size and volume of the content you’re adding. When you incorporate text and images into this web design layout you’ll see that the design will grow.

A small amount of content leaves the layout looking smaller so that the home page presentation is professional and neat. If you want to build a site where you can make regular updates then this is the best option for you.

Liquid Layout

If you simply want to add easy flowing content that will occupy the browser screen of your visitors then the liquid layout style is for you. This layout takes whatever space is available to it and then resizes to fill up the browser without consideration for the screen resolution or size.

Grid Layout

This type of website layout has existed for some time but was made popular by the image based social networking site Pinterest. The style makes it easy for you to present all your content on the front page without visitors having to click on tabs and sub-tabs to get to the page they want.

All you need to do is upload images and content and it will appear on the front page as a separate grid. This can be the best option if you want to start a website based on sharing information through images to support the text.

Hybrid Layout

If you’re not sure about using any of the above styles or any other types of website layout then the safe thing is to opt for a hybrid. This layout is effective because it combines different types of layouts to give you the perfect website that will adapt to the browser’s screen while keeping custom elements under control.

The opportunity to combine different types of web design layout using the hybrid style will give you the perfect presentation by combining the best of the other layouts.