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Service Uptime Monitoring Made Easy - €10pm

  • Get an alert (text/email/tweet) the minute your website, or any other web service, goes down. All text messages, emails and tweets are included in the monthly price.
  • And one more (text/email/tweet) when it comes back online. Try it for a month - it's good for business!
  • Even if you have 99% uptime on your website your website is still offline for 1 hour and 40 minutes every week!!    


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  1. Get Started: For €10 per month we'll text, email or tweet you the very minute your website is unavailable. And text, email or tweet you once more when it comes back online.

  2. Unlimited Texts, Emails & Tweets: You choose which types of communication you receive each time there is a problem to report: text/email/tweet, and you can have all three if you like at no cost to you.

  3. Scan Every Minute: We scan your internet services (website, email, databases etc) every minute so you know immediately if something is failing. If you prefer we'll run the checks with your preferred frequency (in minutes): 1, 3, 5, 15, 30, 60 and longer.

  4. Your LIVE Report: You can check your monitoring report whenever you like and see how your website has been performing. The report is mobile friendly so you can check it on any device. Are your website visitors having to wait for pages to load? Have you missed some emails lately because they bounced back to the sender? Maybe you need to find out more - get us to monitor it for you.

  5. 10 Monitoring Locations: If we detect that your service, for example your website, is down we will immediately use some of the 9 other test servers to scan your website so that you are contacted only when we are sure that your website is down. These extra checks only delay your notification by seconds. The test servers are located across Europe and USA.

  6. Additional Contacts: If you need a few extra managers/colleagues to be notified when an internet service is down we don't charge extra for that.

  7. Simple To Setup: It's easy to get started - just email us your website or service that you want monitored and the email/mobile number you want to be contacted on. Simple as that. No code to be put on your website whatsoever.

  8. Scanned Services: We can scan the following web services: Websites, Email (SMTP, POP3, IMAP4), MySQL Databases, DNS, PING, FTP, SSH, SSL Certs, Custom Ports and Webpage Content.

  9. Prices: €10 per month for 1 website or service (€100 per year). €20 per month for 3 websites or services (€200 per year) - Includes per minute scanning - LIVE scanning report - No extra charges

  10. Support: Call or email our Dublin office here if you have any questions.


(prices ex vat@23%)

A Web Monitoring Service That You Can Depend On

Whether it's your website, email server or database that you're concerned about we'll monitor it and inform you the minute that we have verified that there is a problem.


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