Why Should I Add A Blog To My Website?

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Website blogging as a marketing tool was unheard of ten years ago but things change and those who don’t move according to shifting business/marketing trends risk perishing. Today, blogging has become one of the most effective selling tools in the arsenal of a business entrepreneur. If you are looking for a new sales/communication channel within your business consider a website blog.

Blogs allow you to reach a bigger web audience. If your target audience finds your blog entries interesting, you can make a greater reach to more and more customers as compared to a sales website alone. As countless web businesses compete fiercely for their customer's attention, anything that lets your website reach more potential clients is seriously worth considering, especially as a blog can be run on a very tight budget.

Blogs are also great for lifting your website presence in the search engine rankings. You can keep updating your blogs with fresh content (something that the search engines love) on a regular basis - this approach may not always feasible with respect to your main website when you're happy with the technical content on your regular web pages.

Additionally, a prudent use of keywords and links in your blog entries works great as a white hat (aka approved by Google) SEO measure and effectively increases your website’s credibility in an inexpensive way.

Blogs can be used for getting in touch with your current customers as well as new customers - building a stronger consumer-entrepreneur relationship. You can post useful information with respect to their consumer concerns, latest industry news and trends in the industry etc.

Addressing your target audience’s concerns with useful advice and customer friendly content is great in developing rapport with your customers and will go a long way towards growing your business - your website will become known as the one that has the product information and helpful tips.

Blogs also serve as a flexible medium for adding a human element to your website and will boost consumer's confidence in your brand and products. Your customers get a real and true impression that they are linking with real people behind a business rather than an anonymous entity online.

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